I am a painter. I love colour. I love the sea, the sky, woods, flowers, stars and unicorns. Well, the idea of unicorns.

I made a promise to myself when I was wee. I promised I would sell a painting by the age of 21. At 18 I had blagged an exhibition and spied (I was very shy!) on my first ever customers. A young couple. They actually paid for a painting I had created! I watched them leave the gallery smiling, carrying one of my paintings.

I’m not usually that sneaky, it’s just that I was so overwhelmed this wonderful couple had made my dream come true. I really wish I had approached them. Attending my own opening night at the gallery might have been a good idea too!

That was a few years ago. Now I have realised just because something wonderful happened once doesn’t mean dreams can’t come true again.

Please take a look around my website. I would love to hear from you!