Gorgeous, colourful, energetic original acrylic painting depicting an image of the sea with the setting sun and luscious clouds. The painting is vibrant with fresh greens and blues, lilacs and pinks. There is warmth in the pinks and purples of the sky and the greens in both sky and sea bring together the paitning.

The corners and edges of the canvas are an extension of the colours used in the painting.

The painting is a celebration of the setting sun and that magical dusk time when one becomes part of the romance.

This painting is painted using good quality artist standard acrylic paints on stretched cotton canvas. The paint is applied with texture created using a palette knife to give the painting more realism and 3d effect.

The edges have been painted so it can be hanged directly on your wall!

The painting is 60 x 60cm in a square type configuration.

It is signed by Lesia to the bottom left hand corner. The name of the painting is written on the back with a further full signature and date.

Local delivery can be arranged to North Yorkshire. Elsewhere it will be securely packed and delivered by courier. Postage and & packaging is included up to £50.00. Additional costs will need to be discussed.

Further images can be emailed on request.